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Asper is a powerful and user-friendly mobile internet banking software that is based on Shariah principles. It offers a wide range of features and benefits, making it ideal for anyone who wants to manage their finances in a convenient and Shariah-compliant way.

Empower Your Finances with Asper: Banking on Benefits

Discover the exceptional advantages of Asper, where your financial well-being meets technology, trust, and Islamic values. Elevate your banking experience, increase your profit, and enjoy unparalleled convenience, all while minimizing costs and boosting satisfaction.

Digital Excellence

Drive with Digital

Seamlessly integrate digital financial solutions into your daily life.

Lead with Digital

Stay ahead of the curve with innovative digital banking experiences.

Digital Excellence

Increase Profit

Unlock opportunities for financial growth with Asper's value-added services.

Reduces Turnaround Time (TAT) and Costs

Achieve cost efficiency and faster processing times.

Digital Excellence

Minimize Branch & ATM Costs

Reduce overhead expenses with Asper's omni-channel presence.

Boost Satisfaction

Elevate your customer experience with personalized services.

Empowering Banking with Innovative Modules & Features

Explore the robust modules and cutting-edge features of Asper, designed to revolutionize your banking experience. With user-friendly interfaces, multi-layer security, and tailored banking experiences, Asper offers an unmatched suite of capabilities to meet your unique financial needs.

Account Management

Fund Transfers

Bill Payments

Alerts And Notifications

Security Features

Finance Management

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Shariah Compliance at Its Core

One of the key differentiators of Asper is its unwavering commitment to Shariah compliance. We understand that adhering to Islamic financial principles is of paramount importance to our users. With Asper, you can be confident that every financial transaction and service provided is fully compliant with Shariah law.

Zakat Calculator

Asper's Zakat Calculator is a valuable tool designed to help you easily and accurately calculate your Zakat, the obligatory almsgiving in Islam. This feature simplifies the process of determining the amount you need to give based on your assets and financial situation. With Asper's Zakat Calculator, you can ensure that you fulfill your religious duty with precision, making your charitable contributions in accordance with Islamic principles.

Islamic Calendar

The Islamic Calendar feature in Asper provides you with a user-friendly and accurate way to stay in sync with the Islamic lunar calendar. It offers essential Islamic dates, including the start and end of Ramadan, Eid celebrations, and other significant events and observances. You can effortlessly plan and organize your financial activities in harmony with important religious dates, ensuring that your financial decisions align with Islamic values.

Who should use Asper?

Asper is ideal for anyone who wants to manage their finances in a convenient and Shariah compliant way. It is especially well-suited for Muslims who are looking for a mobile banking solution that meets their religious needs.

Who should use Asper?

The choice to use Asper, as opposed to other Shariah-based Mobile Internet Banking software, depends on various factors, including your specific needs, preferences, and the unique features and advantages offered by Asper.

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