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Islamic Microfinance Banking Solution

Our solution seamlessly integrates with your legacy infrastructure and offers enhanced innovation, rapid deployment, and industry-grade security. Arish allows you to capitalize on the latest technologies and remain competitive in the ever-evolving world of Islamic finance.

The Complete Islamic Microfinance Banking Solution, Designed for Success

Hashir is a complete Islamic Microfinance Banking Solution developed by OPUS System Solution, a Malaysian based Software Developer Company. Hashir is designed to meet the specific needs of Islamic microfinance institutions, offering a comprehensive suite of features to support all aspects of their operations.

Account Management

Hashir provides a comprehensive account management system for all types of Islamic microfinance accounts, including savings accounts, current accounts, loan accounts, and investment accounts.

Loan Management

Hashir's loan management system automates the entire loan process, from loan application to disbursement and repayment.

Risk Management

Hashir's risk management system helps microfinance institutions to identify, assess, and mitigate risks.

Shariah Compliant

Hashir offers a wide range of
Shariah-compliant products
and services, such as micro-Murabaha, micro-Ijarah, and micro-Qardh Hasan.

Reporting & Analytics

Hashir provides a comprehensive suite of reporting and analytics tools to help microfinance institutions to track their performance and make informed decisions.

It is Designed to Empower Microfinance Institutions to Achieve their Goals and Objectives

Hashir is a highly scalable and flexible solution that can be customized to meet the specific needs of any Islamic microfinance institution. It is also a very user-friendly solution, with a simple and intuitive interface.

Our microfinance solution is an easy-to-use microfinance system with seamless data operations, helping you achieve your goals with greater flexibility and accuracy.

Our microfinance solution is the most cost efficient solution for you encompassing all your microfinance business needs in a single solution.

The microfinance solution is cloud application built on latest Microsoft .NET (ASP.net core) Framework, C# Programming Language, HTML, CSS and JavaScript for Frontend Design, SQL Server Database, JWT & Microsoft Identity for Authentication. The system is accessible from all currently available operating systems using the latest browsers. Opus Technology Limited mobile application is built in Flutter, Dart as Core Language, .NET Core API, Sqflite, SharedPreference for Offline Database.

From complete implementation, training, hand-holding to troubleshooting and upgrades; our dedicated support team ensures smooth running of the system at all times so that you can concentrate on your business goals

Empowering Islamic Financial Excellence, One Service at a Time

The module of Hashir is designed to help Islamic microfinance institutions (IMFIs) to develop, launch, and manage Islamic-compliant products and services. It takes into account the unique requirements of Islamic finance, such as the prohibition of interest and the requirement that all transactions be based on real assets.

Product Management

Loan Management

Accounting Operation

Product Management

Account Management

Loan Officer Management

User Management

Groups Management

Members & Customers

Loan Management

Loan Processing

Loan Recovery

Loan Application

Loan Disbursement

Interest Postings

Individual Collection & Daily Collection

Accounting Operation

Financial Accounting

Fund Management for HO

Loan Application

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Benefits of using Hashir Islamic Microfinance Banking Solution

Hashir Islamic Microfinance Banking Solution is a powerful and versatile solution that can help IMFIs to improve their efficiency, productivity, risk management, and customer service. It is a valuable tool for any IMFI that wants to succeed in the competitive Islamic microfinance market.

Increased Efficiency

Hashir automates many of the manual tasks involved in microfinance banking, freeing up staff to focus on more strategic activities.

Reduced Costs

Hashir's economies of scale can help microfinance institutions to reduce their costs.

Improved Risk Management

Hashir's risk management system helps microfinance institutions to identify, assess, and mitigate risks.

Enhanced Customer Service

Hashir's user-friendly interface and comprehensive features make it easy for microfinance institutions to provide excellent customer service.

OPUS System Solution is a leading provider of software solutions for the Islamic financial industry. We have a deep understanding of the specific needs of Islamic microfinance institutions and we are committed to providing them with the best possible solutions

If you are looking for a complete Islamic microfinance banking solution,
then Hashir is the perfect choice for you.