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Empowering Ethical Lending

Experience a loan origination system that upholds Islamic ethics and Shariah compliance while offering advanced features and flexibility.

Empowering Your Lending with Islamic Values

Discover the exceptional advantages of Asper, where your financial well-being meets technology, trust, and Islamic values. Elevate your banking experience, increase your profit, and enjoy unparalleled convenience, all while minimizing costs and boosting satisfaction.

Seamless Automation for Ethical Lending

Lightbox LOS streamlines the lending process with its user-friendly automation, ensuring efficient and Shariah-compliant lending practices.

Your Versatile Digital Lending Platform

Lightbox is a complete end-to-end digital lending solution, offering flexibility for various loan products while adhering to Islamic ethics.

User-Friendly and Ethical Loan Origination

Lightbox prioritizes user-friendliness and ethical lending, ensuring a seamless experience for borrowers and lenders alike.

Innovation Driven by Islamic Values

Lightbox’s innovation is fueled by Islamic values, ensuring responsible lending practices, efficiency, and reliability.

Modules We Offer

Lightbox LOS offers a complete suite of modules, from efficient loan origination and management to transparent accounting and real-time reporting, all designed to support responsible and ethical lending practices.

Loan Origination System

The core module for processing loan applications efficiently and in compliance with Shariah principles.

Loan Management System

Streamlines the management of loans, from origination to repayment, with customizable options.


Provides robust accounting tools for financial tracking, ensuring transparency and compliance.

Reports and Dashboards

Offers comprehensive reporting and real-time dashboards for informed decision-making.

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Arish can help your Islamic Financial Institution to:

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Embrace Innovative Islamic Banking

Arish is a comprehensive and innovative ICBS that can help Islamic Financial Institutions to succeed in today's competitive market. If you are looking for an ICBS that can help you to grow your business and meet the needs of your customers, then Arish is the perfect solution for you.

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