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Our solution seamlessly integrates with your legacy infrastructure and offers enhanced innovation, rapid deployment, and industry-grade security. Arish allows you to capitalize on the latest technologies and remain competitive in the ever-evolving world of Islamic finance.

Your Trusted Partner in Shari'a-Compliant Banking

Arish is your all-in-one Islamic Core Banking System developed by OPUS System Solution, a reputable software developer based in Malaysia. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge technology that aligns seamlessly with Islamic principles and ethical values. As a sister concern of OUPS Technology Limited, we bring you a comprehensive banking system designed to cater to the unique requirements of Islamic finance. Explore the world of Arish and discover how it can revolutionize your Islamic financial institution

Empowering Islamic Financial Excellence, One Service at a Time

Islamic Deposit

Manage various Islamic deposit accounts (Mudarabah, Wakalah, QardHasan) in compliance with Islamic principles.

Islamic Trade Finance

Seamlessly handle trade financing based on Islamic financial contracts (Murabaha, Ijarah, Musharakah).

Islamic Wealth

Enable customers to grow their wealth with Shari'a-compliant investment and wealth management.

Islamic Treasury

Effectively manage treasury operations with a Shari'a-compliant approach to investments and liquidity.

Islamic Finance

Offer quick and convenient Islamic financial solutions to meet immediate customer needs.

Hijri Calendar

Incorporate the Islamic Hijri calendar into your banking system to align dates with Islamic months and years.

with Arish

Embrace Innovative Islamic Banking

Arish is a comprehensive and innovative ICBS that can help Islamic Financial Institutions to succeed in today's competitive market. If you are looking for an ICBS that can help you to grow your business and meet the needs of your customers, then Arish is the perfect solution for you.

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Our Services

Arish has robust features that support Islamic accounting with traceability. A self contained accounting backbone supports STP capabilities and addresses both international and region-specific banking needs.

Islamic Banking Products

Customer Management

Transaction Processing

Financial Operations

Reporting and Analytics

Scalability and Integration

User Experience

Maintenance and Support

Arish is designed to support all aspects of Islamic banking

From retail to business and corporate, private wealth and inclusive banking.

Flexibility & Customization

Flexibility and Customization are at the core of Arish's value proposition. Our platform offers a customizable product framework, empowering you to tailor your banking solutions to fit your institution's unique needs. You can expect a rapid roll-out of Shariah-compliant products.

Technological Innovation

Arish leverages the cutting-edge of technology to enhance your banking operations. Our system utilizes the latest technologies to achieve cost-saving measures that benefit both your institution and customers. We've incorporated blockchain technology and smart contracts for increased accuracy, productivity, and reduced costs.

Automation & Efficiency

Arish employs robotics to automate internal processes, streamlining your operations and ensuring swift, accurate, and secure transactions. Our solution also harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to boost analytical capabilities, aiding in risk reduction and operational optimization. Open APIs facilitate FinTech support, allowing you to seamlessly integrate with external systems.

Banking Ecosystem

Arish provides comprehensive coverage across the entire banking spectrum. Whether it's retail, business, corporate, private wealth, or inclusive banking, we've got you covered. Our system helps drive cost savings and operational efficiency across your institution. Our goal is to empower you to serve diverse customer needs while maintaining a competitive edge in the financial industry.

Why Arish ?

Arish can help your Islamic Financial Institution to: